ADBIOSYS was created in 2008 to promote the ATAO Audio System® acoustic innovation. This technology allows a better intelligibility of the sound signal with a better sound distribution in the space.

This bioacoustic system works in total harmony with the human ear physiology. Your eardrum undergoes no more pressure, no aggression because its membrane is used for what it is: a vibrations decoupling biological technology. 

« Complete intelligibility and high definition of sound at both low and high volumes for an unequalled quality of reception. »

Because we are convinced of the effect that represents the music on the human bodies, we wanted to combine various processes to be able to propose innovative and effective quality tools. In particular in the well-being field, the vibratory resonnance represents a fundamental element with specific sound frequencies (Mozart’s “Symphony No.40 in G minor” or CUOS : Uniform Fields of Waves Sound generated by Bio Music One), which impact positively on water molecules composing the human being. 

" Music puts the soul in harmony with all that exists " Oscar Wilde.

As frequencies, vortexes and thoughts influences on water structure, we aims to provide a genuine difference through the products we distribute, a challenge which paves the way with new procedures for our well-being.

The human body is composed more than 70% of water, affected by frequencies, this is why it is important for us to provide solutions for a return of the water to its qualities vital functions.